The cooktop is the main assistant in cooking in the kitchen. This device has proven itself long ago, as it is very reliable and takes up little space. Nevertheless, in our life, there are different troubles, and even the most reliable devices can suddenly fail. Breakage of the cooktop is a huge inconvenience, as this kitchen equipment is used daily. This mainly happens due to the parts run-out or as a result of misuse.

Our workshop carries out cooktops repairing. Experienced specialists of our service cope with breakages of any complexity and repair the cooktops of different brands.

Basic malfunctions of the cooktops are:

  • Does not turn on - damage to the power cord, damage to the sensor control unit, blown fuse;
  • Burners or display elements of panels with touch controls are switched on/off by themselves - in this case, the electronics of the cooktop are damaged;
  • The burner does not heat up properly or does not work at all - the problem may be in the heating element failure or in the absence of voltage supply;
  • The burner does not support the desired temperature - the cooktop requires repairing the thermostat.

The failure of the cooktop can also be associated with voltage surges and other objective causes. Our specialists can quickly determine the cause of the failure and eliminate it as quickly as possible. We work inside your house, which means that you do not have to take the cooktop yourself to the workshop.

When applying for repairs, tell the manager about the brand, model and year of manufacture of your cooktop. This will allow the master to fully prepare for the job. We use only original parts and provide a guarantee for all the work done.