Dishwasher problems occur mainly due to wear of certain parts or improper operating conditions. The latter include insufficient voltage in the electrical network, lack of pressure in the water pipe, poor water quality, filter clogging and improper installation or loading of dishes.

Almost all modern manufacturers have made for their dishwashers special error codes that are output at the time of the breakdown and help determine what needs to be repaired. Some problems the owner can eliminate on his own (for example, when the drain hose is pinched or broken), but most of them require professional help.

Basic types of dishwasher problems:

  • Элемент списка #1The washing process does not start - the problem is most likely in a clogged filter, a nozzle or a broken circulation pump;
  • Water overflows - probably a fault in the water level sensor;
  • The water overheats or heats up insufficiently - the temperature sensor or the heating element does not work, there are problems with the circulation pump or nozzles;
  • Water does not drain - a problem with the pump or a dirty drain system;
  • Do not swallow the detergent - the problem is in the jammed nozzles, breakage of the valve opening mechanism or in a weak water head;
  • There is an outside noise - this indicates a malfunction of the bearings or the electric motor;
  • The dishes do not dry up - the fan broke down;
  • During operation, a leakage occurs - a problem is in the door or pump sealants, poorly tightened hose clamps and water hoses, or in damage to the water tank.

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