Imagine a situation: in the morning you habitually go to the kitchen to make your favorite warm sandwich or warm up the oatmeal, and all you see is your microwave is broken. The morning is hopelessly spoiled. You need to look for other kitchen stuff to heat up the food, and then wash a mountain of extra dishes. The positive morning mood has disappeared. Now you still need to decide the question: how to repair the microwave?

It is in such unpleasant moments that we are ready to come to your aid.

Our company experts will qualitatively repair the microwave oven at your house, at a convenient time for you. The work will be done promptly and accurately, with a guarantee for the services provided and replaced parts. When repairing microwaves, only branded parts of proven manufacturers are used. We repair microwave ovens of the following brands (BRANDS).

These are the malfunctions that may occur in your microwave oven:

  • Works, but does not heat - the reason lies in the failure of the magnetron;
  • Does not turn on - the case may be in the power circuit, it may also be necessary to replace the transformer or power cord;
  • The touch panel does not work - most likely, the touch panel will have to be replaced;
  • The dish inside the microwave oven does not rotate - engine replacement is necessary;
  • Inside the oven, something sparkles - you need to repair the radiation chamber, magnetron and mica filter.

WARNING: if you find out that your microwave sparkles, do not continue using it until it is repaired!

We are constantly improving the knowledge and skills of repairing microwave ovens to become a reliable and confident foundation of your home comfort. It’s nice to see how the fruits of our work bring satisfaction and joy to our customers. After all, the highest evaluation of our work is your recommendation to relatives, friends, and acquaintances of high-quality repair of microwave ovens.