The use of any built-in kitchen appliances always leads to the need for any repairs. It is impossible to imagine a kitchen technique that will serve a person forever. As a result, we also face the need to repair the oven.

Our service center provides quality repair of ovens at the most affordable prices. We employ only professional and experienced specialists who eliminate faults of any complexity. We repair the oven in the shortest time possible.

The basic malfunctions of gas ovens:

  • The burner does not light up - the problem is the running-out of the ignition unit, the ignition wire insulation failure, the breaking or cracking of the ceramic spark plug;
  • Does not ignite from the electric ignition (there is no spark or click) - it is necessary to replace the ignition unit;
  • Does not heat up - in this case, the mechanical thermostat is defective.

The basic malfunctions of electric ovens:

  • The oven heats up too much - this indicates a breakdown of the thermostat and the need to replace it;
  • Food remains raw or cooked longer than usual - the problem is in the upper or lower heating element;
  • Does not work - most likely, an electronic module has failed;
  • The convection fan does not work - the problem can be found both in the fan itself and in the control unit.
Our workshop is engaged in the repair of ovens of different manufacturers: BRANDS. Our specialists will come to your house at the set time, diagnose the oven, promptly determine the cause of the breakage and quickly remove it. We use exclusively branded parts and provide a guarantee for all the work done!