Vent hood

Vent hood


Our service center provides quality repair of hoods at affordable prices. We carry out the work in the shortest possible time and use only original spare parts. Our masters have an impressive experience in repairing kitchen hoods of different brands: brands list.

Fixing the hood is a scrupulous job of an experienced specialist. This requires deep knowledge, proven in practice, and necessarily the professional tools. We continuously check our masters for the quality of the work done. Therefore, after making an order with us, you will not doubt the quality of its fulfillment.

Kitchen hoods basic malfunctions:

  • Illumination does not work - if it's not a blown light bulb or a lack of voltage in the network, then most likely the problem is hidden in the motor;
  • Poor air intake - this indicates the contamination of the filter and grease trap or the lack of draft in the ventilation duct;
  • Does not work - in this case, it is a malfunction of a fuse, a capacitor or a motor;
  • Makes noise, but does not start working - replacement of the fuse is required;
  • Do not remove odors - the problem lies in the inefficient operation of the charcoal filter, you need to replace the coal pellets or the filter itself;
  • Do not switch speeds - it's a matter of the failure of the control unit or the start capacitor.
So, if your hood has stopped working properly, then do not degrade it with an unprofessional fix. Turning to our service center, you will get a workable device as soon as possible. Our specialists carry out repairs of kitchen hoods at home, which means you do not have to go to the workshop yourself. All works are guaranteed.