Washing machines fail most often because of misuse. Hard water, constant overload of the automatic drum, etc. Sometimes water ingress into machine parts and causes damages. There are a lot of symptoms of faults in washing machines. Our experienced masters will quickly determine the cause of the malfunction and repair your device.

The cost of repairing the washing machine is traditionally composed of the cost of parts and the work of the master. We use only time-tested spare parts, and the masters have a lot of experience. This is what allows us to give an honest guarantee for the repair of washing machines. Master will also come at a convenient time for you.

The most frequent malfunctions of washing machines:

  • The machine hums when squeezing - you may need to replace the bearings;
  • Washing cycle is too long - heating element malfunction;
  • Do not rotate the drum - the bearing could stick or the drive belt failed;
  • Knock out plugs when turning on - possible cause: short circuit due to a fused or damaged wiring, burnt out engine or heating element;
  • Constantly gaining water - malfunction of the electronic control module, level sensor, etc.;
  • The washing machine does not squeeze - the cause should be looked for in the malfunction of the drain hose or pump, or simply in the imbalance of the loaded laundry;
  • The washing machine does not drain the water - as a rule, the washing machine does not drain the water for three main reasons: - the drain hose is clogged - the drain pump filter is clogged - the drain pump is defective.
Some malfunctions you can eliminate even by yourself, without the need to call a master at home and pay for repairs. We are happy to help you with this. In all other cases, our specialists are always ready to come to you and repair the washing machine quickly and efficiently.