Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler


Wine coolers – this is a worthy and profitable alternative for storing expensive brands of wine in the conditions corresponding to the wine cellars. In this case, they must clearly correspond to the parameters of humidity and temperature. In addition to these characteristics, it is important to avoid direct sunlight and vibration. In case of damage, you need to immediately repair the wine cooler. In addition, this equipment must be sealed and do not allow substances that have an unpleasant odor. Wine coolers have found wide application in specialized shops and places of public catering, restaurants and bars, and also in private houses.

In their design, wine coolers differ in complexity. Features of the structure can be associated with humidity sensors and intelligent systems for controlling the temperature, with the original conditional zones of “comfort” for several varieties of wines and their setting in manual mode. Conventional refrigerators often do not have such systems at all or they are arranged differently, and therefore the repair of wine coolers requires special knowledge and experience, which the repairers of widely used models of refrigerators do not have.

Nevertheless, in our team, there are specialists who know everything about the repair of wine coolers! You will be satisfied with the result of our work.

The most common faults of compressor wine coolers:

  • failure of the motor-compressor;
  • failure of the electronic control card;
  • refrigerant leakage.

The most common faults in thermoelectric wine coolers:

  • failure of the Peltier element;
  • failure of the blowing fan of the Peltier element;
  • failure of the electronic control card.

The cost of repairing the wine cabinet directly depends on how it works, and the type of malfunction.

Our masters carry out the repair of wine coolers of any complexity and in the shortest possible time.