Alex Repairs has been out to my house on several occasions. The first time was to get a second opinion on what might be wrong with my Kenmore Elite dishwasher that after two visits by another repair company, was still not cleaning the dishes like it had always done. The first repair company guy blamed the problem on the water temperature that was being supplied to the dishwasher. We still had the same tankless water heater we had set at 120F when the dishwasher was doing a great job cleaning the dishes so we wanted a second opinion as to why the dishes were still not getting as clean as they had in the past.
Well, Alex and his helper determined that there was a control device in the dishwasher that was not working and that device was not heating the water coming into the dishwasher that would have enabled the dishes to get as clean as they had before the control unit failed. So they obtained the part, installed it and low and behold, our dishwasher started cleaning the dishes as it had in the past.
Next reason to call out Alex Repairs was our front loading Whirlpool clothes washer. While it was running, I noticed an electrical smell like something had burned in the electrical system. After that, the washer would not work. So we called the warranty company and they were going to send out the same guy that could not fix our dishwasher. I called them and told them if the first guy could not fix our dishwasher, how could he possibly fix a clothes washer and pleaded with the warranty company to send out Alex Repairs. They agreed to reassign the job to Alex Repairs and just like the dishwasher, they found the problem quickly, I did tell them that I noticed an electrical smell just before the unit quit and we wrote down the error codes that we on the display in case that would help. Well they we able to get approval to repair the unit and came back out today, 3/28/2018 with the part and quickly fixed the unit and we are back to being able to wash our laundry.
In my opinion, Dave and his helper with Alex Repairs are the absolute best appliance repair team I have ever had fixing my appliances.